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We work through a client engagement in a comprehensive, process-oriented way.  We do it like this (following a structure, starting at the beginning, focusing on sound fundamentals first, and growing the marketing plan from there) because we must to serve our clients.  Sacrificing a part of the plan means doing a disservice to a client.  We’ve spent years building a structured, repeatable process we use in every client engagement.  We've refined and expanded our best practices and thrown out what hasn't work.  We are deeply committed to process - we depend on it internally and create it for our clients.  We've tailored our process specifically for SMB Solution Providers in the IT channel.


The result is a structured method of working - it is the best way to help our clients develop a roadmap they can execute.


We love to share the thinking (ideas, experiences, theories, and practices) our process is built on.   We publish Thought Leadership (read our Newsletter & Blog) to help our clients, clients-to-be, industry partners, and channel marketers learn more and get better at communicating. The more our clients (or any interested party) know about how we think and what we believe in, the more we can help them when we become engaged.


Why do we believe so strongly in process?  


Because Repeatable Processes mean Predictable Results.  


Research | Diagnosis

Every client engagement starts with an established marketing challenge we need to solve.  Once agreed upon by all parties, we begin our process.  


We believe in information.  We follow an established process to gather information and use a number of proprietary tools.  We examine organization (systems, infrastrucure) and people (behaviors, culture), both inside and outide your company.  We can’t - and we don’t - move forward without a commitment to this phase from the client.  We require access to people (decision makers, employees, technicians) whose time is limited and valuable so our methods are designed to return the needed information efficiently.  Most of all, this phase requires direct answers, honest feedback, and a commitment to find the root problem(s).     


The Diagnosis is a formal presentation of the problems creating the marketing challenge.  It is our objective, big-picture evaluation.  


Strategy | Creative

We define strategy as smart thinking turned into a plan of action.  That means (1) identifying the problem, (2) establishing clear goals, and (3) creating a plan for change.  The first two are the Diagnosis.  Strategy - the last and most important phase - is our plan for change.  Great ideas (creative elements) are only valuable to our clients if they can be put into practice and exectuted consistently.  We take complex marketing and business ideas and put them a simple roadmap (an actionable plan) for VARs to take and execute.  


Great creative is creative that matches the roadmap.  There is a language barrier in the IT channel between VARs and their customers and often times the best creative is that which breaks down that barrier and allows the two parties to speak to one another.  Common ground and clear communication is how we measure the power of our creative.  


MaaS | Marketing as a Service

The best research, strategy, and creative is meaningless unless properly executed.  We offer marketing execution as a service for VARs who have completed our process and need assistance in execution.  This is a great fit for SMB VARs without a dedicated marketing department or those who employ a swiss-army knife approach.  We determine a monthly retainer based on the level involvement they need.  For further details, Contact us and we'll connect you with clients using our MaaS.


MaaS | Marketing as a Services Offerings:

Internal Alignment Assistance

Infographic Case Studies 

Out-Sourced Marketing Department

MDF Audit  |  Coordination

Business Development Website & Social Media 

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