Confidence is See-Through, Not Invisible:

Confidence is See-Through, Not Invisible

The word transparency is huge in business right now.It's a buzz-word that felt new and relevant for a short time before getting played out and watered down.  Everyone knows what it means and they also know what you may be using it as part of a new sales strategy and not as a description of how you operate.  Leave the language alone and adopt the practice. 


Transparency is something you should never have to tell someone in business you're practicing.  It's something they should recognize by your actions; after seeing your processes, your thinking, your culture.  If you have to tell them they are seeing the works, that you have pulled back the curtain, you’re not doing your job. When Dorothy met the wizard, she didn’t have to be told she was seeing behind the scenes, she knew it.


That is what makes me so nervous about buying a car from a car salesman.   The relationship is so fraught with smarmy sales tactics, half-truths and lies – I feel like I'm getting taken.  Most salesmen know people are concerned about this, so we see “this is out lowest price” slogans and terminology like “manufacturers costs."  But we all know it’s not true and the whole arrangement feels false, because both parties know it’s a scam.   Or rather, a dysfunctional arrangement they’ve both agreed to in advance.   If I told you I was the only honest used car salesman and I would give you the lowest price I could would you believe me? No. Not even if it was true. So it doesn’t matter if I am or not, it’s whether or not you believe it.


That's why I say confidence is see-through, not invisible.

When something is invisible we don’t know it’s there.  It is, by definition, impossible to see.  If actually invisible, we cannot appreciate the item for we cannot see it. The oldest trick in the book, a trick kids love and use themselves is the old invisible friend trick.  If something is invisible, the only measure of whether it exists or not is in how much credibility the person telling you about it has with you.


When something is see-through, you know it is there and can literally see through it.  Windows are see-through.   We appreciate them and we take them for granted.  In business, the difference is that transparency in practice is something never taken for granted.