Inside Wantulok:

Where We Started

Wantulok Evolution:

Starting in 2002, when we first opened our doors, our goal has been to make a huge positive impact for our clients. We wanted to be successful (profitable) yes, but not without impact. Making money with hollow, ineffective, or ambiguously successful campaigns is not what we’re about. To this day, we chose to stay small, tight, and agile – so we can do business how we want.

What we discovered early on, as a full-service marketing communication firm (a generalist firm), was that diving deep enough to fully understand our client’s problems was difficult. We were producing great work and our clients were very satisfied – but we needed more. We knew we could do better work, more foundationally important work, by knowing more about our clients entire business rather than just a marketing perspective.

So, in 2005 we choose to specialize in the building industry. This marked a fundamental change in our philosophy as a company and it has driven every strategic decision we’ve made since that moment.

We chose to make a bigger difference with a much smaller group of potential clients.

That may seem like a small shift, but for us it was huge. As our body of work began to grow, our body of knowledge grew much deeper in our area of specialization. We finally began to experience the depth of knowledge we wanted to help our clients as much as we set out to. Instead of beginning each project at ground zero, we had a head start and spoke the language. A skeptical reader would ask if our original clients were shorted by comparison – and the truth, the short answer, is yes. Not because we gave them less (our effort, desire, and intensity has never changed) but because we simply knew less. What was business as usual for marketing communication firms – the generalist who serves a wide variety of clientele, beginning anew with each engagement – became history to us.

Just as we were picking up a head of steam, the bottom fell out of the building industry. It was a hard lesson, but a good one. We loved the direction our firm had taken and the powerful nature of our work born from specialization – but we also saw that if we were going to build our business by specializing, we needed to find the right industry, one with a great present and a future filled with potential.
We have found that industry in the IT channel. Several key engagements over the past two years have shed light on the potential for great marketing to make a big difference for VARs. Though we are relative newcomers to the channel, we see a huge opportunity for impact for a variety of reasons.
And that’s why we’re here, for impact.

All the Players

Tyler Wantulok - Principal & Creative Director

As a founding partner, Tyler has been the backbone of Wantulok from the inception of the company. He is responsible for the creative vision and direction of the company. His love for graphic design is matched by his fundamental belief that truly effective marketing is born of a deep understanding of a company’s entire business. He thrives on sharing ideas and design that make a real impact in the real world. He studied fine art at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.