Orbit One:

Orbit One:

The Client

Orbit One originally came to us for a complete branding and identity overhaul. As a technology infrastructure and communication company with a wide scope of capabilities, expertise in several areas, and a very broad group of target industries and markets - they were growing fast. In addition to the clear need for a new identity and branding system, we could see they also needed internal structures and help to find the best the direction for the company. We set out to design a focused marketing plan capable of quickly evolving and growing with them as they grew as a company.


We begin each engagement with a research and audit phase. In the case of Orbit One, the data returned from our collection process - external market research, internal employee and technician audits, customer interviews, interviews with decision makers, a brand and marketing audit - showed that while they were indeed valuable across a wide spectrum of industries but the products in those industries could be focused further to give them a horizontal scope with deep vertical expertise in each.


The broad range of industries they would be targeting with their products and services - Firefighters, Hospital & Ambulance, Construction, Oil & Gas, Logging, Maritime, Government Agencies, Education & University, Farm & Ranch, Outfitters & Guides, Consumers - drove the creative. The identity we created was crisp and universal, meant to play equally well in the Chancellor's office or the Contractor's quad cab pickup truck. Clarity, clean lines, and succinct messages were key.


The website we created for Orbit One was the final piece of the puzzle. Its architecture was designed to quickly filter different customers to different products and services depending on the industry from which they came - giving Orbit One the chance to share exactly how the features benefited different customers in different ways. This streamlined method of personalizing the communication and message by industry gave them credibility as a technology leader with purpose, not just as salesmen of excellent solutions.