Data Guard:

Data Guard:

The Client

Every engagement with a client follows a process (Visit our Expertise page). But in this case, our client needed to immediately implement a new data backup solution that eventually became Data Guard to take to market. The (then un-packaged and un-branded) backup solution was superior to what they were currently offering - and it had to be rapidly branded and packaged to be added to their list of offerings. The tricky part - as we were working on Data Guard, we were also starting a re-brand and marketing overhaul for the entire company. Which meant branding the data solution in way that could be seemlessly incorporated into our re-branding of the company.


The research phase for Data Guard happened fast - not because it needed to (though it did) but because this data backup solution was so much better because it was easier to understand - more impact meant saying less. Our client's old data backup solution was cumbersome to explain and market because it was cumbersome in practice and application. When surveyed, the hardest part for them to absorb was the "managed" part of managed backup. Turns out the first thing they needed to be told was "this new way is much different than the old way, not just a better old way."


An iconic mini-badge logo for Data Guard was created to brand the solution - laying down the framework for future offerings to be branded in the same fashion. The protection of data, and the disaster a loss of would create was touched upon but not labored on - no scare tactics were utilized. Key features were boiled down and translated to be instantly understandable: Versatile • Backup file servers and database servers: Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SharePoint. Mobile • Virtualization Support: VMWare and Hyper-V. Trustworthy • Backup Mapped Drives. Works • Intuitive and advanced browser based HTML/AJAX user interface with an Adobe Flex/AIR based rich client option.


The client, in a relatively short time, was able to engage in meaningful discussions with prospects using the branded Data Guard collateral as a jumping off point to illustrate how this new innovation could help them, help protect their data, help ease their minds - just help. Rather than listing features in a presentation, speaking with prospects became conversations about benefits.