Pine Cove Consulting:

Pine Cove Consulting:

The Client

Pine Cove Consulting came to us in 2011 for a new marketing and communications solution. Their growth as a company exposed a need for better marketing systems and processes – and they asked us to come up with a plan for today that would be able to grow with them in the future.


Every engagement we enter begins with our proprietary research and auditing process - we have a quiver of tools to mine the information we need from clients and really help them determine concrete goals - before we set out a plan to reach them. In the case of Pine Cove, we used almost all of them. Brand and operation audits were administered to key decision makers within the company. We used VAR specific research tools and surveys to quickly and efficiently return data on - but not limited to - competitive segmentation, market relative to the client, web, and internal communication.


Pine Cove’s goals were repeatable internal processes and proactive sales programs. Our strategy started a repositioning – a clear articulation (internally to employee in addition to external audiences outside company) of their expertise in complex networks and educational IT. The true value they bring to every project is their assessment and consulting (IT architecture, design, and execution) and our new creative had to convey the new positioning directly to their target market.


Immediately upon embarking on our plan, Pine Cove’s refocused efforts directed at meaningful prospects in their area of expertise dramatically increased internal cohesiveness and captured data shows higher conversion of leads, meetings to sales ops in those verticals. They chose to utilize our MaaS Program. Below are some of the services we continue to provide for them: • Out-Sourced Marketing Department • MDF Event Coordination & Materials • Conference Strategy & Materials • Client Satisfaction Surveys • VAR Content Generation